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Residential Writing Retreats

Writing-a-Book: Residential Writing Retreats at the Grail Centre, Kleinmond

These five-day residential retreats, at the Grail Centre, Kleinmond, are designed for writers who want to start a book, reconnect with their books, or complete their writing project over the course of the year, away from the distractions and demands of daily life.

Writing workshops, discussions, writing councils, and group suppers, provide theory, writing techniques, inspiration and creative energy for the writing process – with plenty of time to write, walk, rest, and interact with other writers.

1. MARCH RETREAT: Tuesday 19 to Sunday 24 March 2013

This first retreat focuses on the process of writing a book, whether it is fiction, non-fiction, memoir, or a collection of poetry or short stories. It explores the different stages of the process – concept, developing a framework, and drafting.

2. JULY RETREAT: Tuesday 23 to Sunday 28 July 2013

This 'Just Write' retreat is intended as a halfway point for refueling or re-energizing the writer and her project. It offers a one-hour creative warm-up workshop each morning, and a group ‘report-in’ and discussion/council each evening before supper. Participants 'just-write' for the rest of the time! Open only to those who attend both the March and October Retreats.

3. OCTOBER RETREAT: Tuesday 1 to Sunday 6 October 2013

This retreat offers techniques for working on a draft of a book, and looks at theory and techniques for revising, editing, re-working, and polishing.


BOOKING: For optimum benefit to the process, the groups are limited to 15 participants at each retreat. Preference will be given to those who have attended previous retreats, and who plan to attend all three retreats in 2013.

ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation in own room in shared self-catering cottage is included in the course fee.

MEALS: Simple vegetarian group suppers each evening (and lunch on Sunday) are included in the course fee. Self-catering for all other meals.

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COST: R3600 per five-day retreat (includes 5 nights accommodation, 6 meals, workshops and councils).

DISCOUNTS: The cost for the July and October retreats will be less 20% (ie R2880 per retreat) for those who attend all three retreats.

DEPOSIT: R900 per retreat is required to secure a booking.